Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blue Bird Events Winter Wedding


Be still my heart!  This amazing winter wedding was created by my friend, Meredith Parsons, who is the owner of Bluebird Event Destination Management out of Park City Utah.  Isn’t it DIVINE?


166472_491034131077_514951077_6440859_3002718_n  180244_491034381077_514951077_6440862_3032125_n


180184_491031031077_514951077_6440826_7984445_n  165172_491031376077_514951077_6440828_1646114_n

I am so in love with these pictures!  It makes me want to get married all over again, and have Meredith plan every single detail.  Just wait until you see the pictures from the reception…



I love the horse barn, the rustic table, the hanging lanterns, the babies breath wreaths, the candles, and…  well everything really!!



Wouldn’t you agree that Meredith is an absolute genius?  Her ability to create such a magical day is a true gift!


So… if you want to get married in Park City, Meredith Parson’s from Bluebird Event Destination is hands down the BEST person to call!!  Thanks Meredith for letting me share!

3 little birds boutiqueDon’t forget to enter our fabulous GIVEAWAY this week from 3 Little Birds Boutique!!





Friday, October 22, 2010

{Wedding Love} French Provincial Garden Party Wedding

I stumbled upon this incredible wedding over at Green Wedding Shoes.  It comes to us directly from Toowoomba, Australia.  Let me add that to my list of places I would LOVE to visit, and have a garden party as well!


Isn’t that dress to die for?!!










Monday, August 30, 2010

An Amazing Wedding

My latest obsession…wedding stalking.  I have discovered some amazing Do it Yourself weddings recently.  I found this one on Lisa Leonard’s blog from Lisa Leonard Designs.  I am sooo in love with her creations, but that’s for another day.  But, by all means, go check them out.  You too will fall in love!

Lisa attended this wedding a few weeks ago and I just had to share!

peettarr1-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry peettarr2-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry peettarr3-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry peettarr4-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry

{Guests were able to type notes to the bride and groom.  The one above says, “you are the mint in my tea.”  My heart is a flutter.}

peettarr5-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry peettarr7-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry peettarr8-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry

{Guests were invited to fill hand stamped bags with flavored coffee beans. AMAZING!  I especially LOVE the photo below.  I have also become obsessed with old windows and I love how they used them as design elements for their big day.}

peettarr9-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry peettarr10-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry peettarr11-custom-hand-stamped-jewelry

{I love, love, love all of the personal and rustic elements to this wedding.  What a fun day to share with your family and friends!}

On a side note, I think I forgot to mention that I have sponsored a giveaway at {Oh}Brooke.  Head on over and check it out.  If you have been dying for a fun WhipperKeeper now is your chance to win one! 


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Night Gracie!

"Good night Gracie!" How many of you are old enough to know what the heck I'm talking about!? The old famous couple George Burns & Gracie Allen! My very first wedding as a DJ (yeah, I was also the greatest wedding DJ for 10 years!!) was filled with Vegas impersonators!


I was 20 years old and had witnessed DJ's for years growing up at the Secret Garden. The week before, my mom & grandmother, Christi & Ann, fired our in-house DJ, bought me $3,000 worth of professional equipment, and handed me all of the manuals. I had 5 days to perfect my dialect, learn the equipment & literally get thrown behind a mic in front of 150 people! Thank goodness I was already an outgoing former student council leader, band geek & choir nerd. Very used to called "adapting to your environment". Learn it, love it, live it. This is my daily mantra because the bridal current can change directions in an instant! (and so can their attitudes!)


My advise for you & your relationship with your DJ (for ANY event) is communication and trust. Ask for music lists to highlight your favorite and do you part to put together special CD's and i-pod mixes. That way you are getting exactly what you request. Never be shy in asking to see them on video or even in person (just don't be a REAL wedding crasher!)

I have been "retired" from DJ-ing since I was 8 months pregnant with my son. However, I am happy to DJ weddings & special events during my off season months! Simply drop me a line for availability & pricing :)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bridal Spectacular

So as you probably know by now, this last weekend WhipperBerry teamed up with The Secret Garden at the Las Vegas Bridal Show. We set up a grand booth featuring a WhipperBerry Dessert Table, along with glorious wonders from the Secret Garden. We used the beautiful fabric we found in Santee Alley, as well as the trees! Erin and Emily manned the booth, along with three other fabulous gals: Kelli, Melissa, and Chae.


40597_1461754116226_1604650984_1134341_6858381_n 45850_1461753476210_1604650984_1134328_2273358_n


Well, if you've been keeping up with us on Facebook then you know that all of our hard work paid off because we won the award for the Best Booth, as voted by the other exhibitors! Woo-hoo!


If you saw us at the show, please, please, please leave us a comment and tell us what you thought! Thank you!

Also we have the winner of the drawing we held at the show! We will be contacting this lucky bride personally, of course, but a big congratulations to Rachel M!

For more pictures, visit our Facebook page, and while you're there, become a fan!

Emily & Erin

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now I’m Dreaming of Cake

I found this AMAZING cake artist the other day.  Her name is Maggie LaBaugh from Magpie Cakes and she creates beautiful works of art in the Washington D.C. area.  Ahh, to live in D.C. and to plan a magical wedding with a Magpie Cake.  I’m happily married so it will have to be for someone else.  Any takers?  You won’t even have to pay me, I’ll do it for free!

rosefrillmulti-e1279475499560-590x1024       DSC_00051-552x1024

beecake-629x1024        hydrangea-561x1024

rosesanemone-670x1024       petalcake-611x1024

Aren’t they Heavenly?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bridal Show Bible

Planning a wedding? Well, I certainly suggest attending a bridal show near you! I've been on both sides of the bridal show madness and would like to give you some tried & true tips for surviving the stress of this visual, physical & mental beauty assault!!


1) Before you even begin by telling your parents that you are engaged...sign up for a free e-mail address that you can dump immediately after the wedding!! You will get spammed continuously for 9-24 months while you plan your wedding and even well after the blessed event. Take my advise and use this temporary e-mail for your bridal show needs, RSVP's, and inquiries to various vendors and wedding websites. This way, when you are a happy newlywed, you can shed this e-mail and go back to business without the never-ending wedding spam!

2) At the bridal show, wear comfortable shoes. This goes against every fiber in my soul...but heed this advise!! Be prepared to spend all day, even two days, at this event! Gorgeous shoes make me happy but skew my concentration if I'm in pain!

3) Borrow a baby stroller, sans the baby. Unless you would like to have a rolling suitcase or sore shoulder, this is a wonderful "airy" alternative for storing your precious wedding information, purses & all important bottled water (or in my case, diet coke) in the convenient cup holders! Stuff the basket on the bottom with healthy snacks to keep you energized for the long trek! Those convention snack shacks can be expensive!

4) The "Give-a-ways"...almost 75% of vendors give a prize away at the show or in the weeks after the show ends. Be prepared with several simple mailing labels to provide with the following: Names, Phone number or e-mail address, wedding date(s), budget, and whatever else you would like them to know. This way, you can stick your info on every give-a-way possible without cramping your hand writing on 300 forms! In my wedding career, 4 couples have won a Sandals Honeymoon! It's real people!! Get out there & take a gamble!!

5) So you are not severely overwhelmed, take all of the information possible on the day of the bridal show and look over in the calm environment of your own home. There are MANY great deals that are said to last for only the show but don't make any rash decisions. Especially when deciding on the wedding location, take your time to tour during the Open House hours offered after the show and make your BIG decision after viewing your top locations. You need to see it to believe it :)

That being said, some of the best deals are offered at the show. If you are looking for tuxedos, limo transportation, photo booths....things that might not be offered in any wedding facility package, book the best deals at the show!

6) Remember, date & location are the biggest hurdles. Once you have booked these two important details, you may launch headfirst into the frilly trimmings & details! Most wedding facilities these days offer "inclusive packages". This means they include things like, the DJ/Emcee, the wedding cake, minister, floral, even perhaps the photographer & videographer! Be mindful not to solidify these sort of vendor contracts until you have chosen the date & location. You don't want to have to pay two professionals to do the same job or eat a deposit because the wedding location doesn't allow outside vendors!

7) THE LIST. AKA, The "War Book". Many brides these days are completely organized with their wedding books, PDA's, smart phones & I-pads. All I am suggesting is to have a simple list of what you still need to complete your BIG DAY! Whether there are 45 things or 4 things on the list. This will help you solidify your focus on your day at a bridal show. It is the easiest thing to get distracted by a set of crystal toasting glasses, or the cutest flower girl dress... stay FOCUSED! You are here to "get er done". Once you have accomplished this list, you may go lick the satin, Swarovski encrusted shoes you lust after but can't afford ;)

This is just the basic advise for brides of the masses. Each blushing bride-to-be has a different situation and custom ideas & situations. For a more personalized set of advise tactics, you may alway e-mail, Facebook me (@ Secret Garden Weddings) or text me at 702.318.1484 . I am happy to be your event efficianado!


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