Monday, August 16, 2010

Santee Alley

Welcome newcomers! To the wonderful & terrifying world of wedding planning! A lot of my job is simply designing. I can receive thousands of e-mails, texts, phone calls & Facebook messages from a single bride just on the subject of colors, linens, centerpieces & "hardware". All to be used to wow her guests and tie in the couple's personality to the event. I DO NOT BUY RETAIL. In speaking these blasphemous words to my Whipperchicks Heather & Whitney, the subject of where I shop came up...Lean a bit closer so I can whisper these precious words to you....~Santee Alley. AKA Downtown LA~

There is about an 18 or so block radius that encompasses LA's garment, fabric & floral district that is brimming with wholesale goodies. I'm sitting here laughing because I feel like a magician that is exposing all of her secrets!! If you look at my wedding facility's Facebook page: Secret Garden Weddings, you will see our indoor reception room swathed in miles of white chiffon. I purchased this in a light-hearted haggle situation for only $1 per yard. Not bad considering I needed 1,000 yards!!

Of course, all of my friends know that is also where I hit the "alley" (or as I call it, black market heaven!) to purchase designer goods for next to nothing! Hair goodies for $1 each, fashion clothing, purses & jewelry for awesome prices. Even amazing children's shoes & attire for a bargain! It is the run-off of wholesale purchasing so you can individually purchase items for a good price instead of having to order in bulk. OH! My husband would literally kill me if I didn't mention the famous "Alley Dog"! You must complete your experience by consuming (from an actual street vendor) a polish sausage, wrapped in bacon, grilled alongside onions & peppers, topped with homemade salsa, mayo & an edible jalapeno. Enjoy!Santee Alley 036 Santee Alley 046 Santee Alley 028 Santee Alley 044 Santee Alley 035 For more pictures from the fabulous trip go click on this link for the WhipperBerry fan page on Facebook.  Hey, while you’re there you can become a fan!!


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