Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Night Gracie!

"Good night Gracie!" How many of you are old enough to know what the heck I'm talking about!? The old famous couple George Burns & Gracie Allen! My very first wedding as a DJ (yeah, I was also the greatest wedding DJ for 10 years!!) was filled with Vegas impersonators!


I was 20 years old and had witnessed DJ's for years growing up at the Secret Garden. The week before, my mom & grandmother, Christi & Ann, fired our in-house DJ, bought me $3,000 worth of professional equipment, and handed me all of the manuals. I had 5 days to perfect my dialect, learn the equipment & literally get thrown behind a mic in front of 150 people! Thank goodness I was already an outgoing former student council leader, band geek & choir nerd. Very used to called "adapting to your environment". Learn it, love it, live it. This is my daily mantra because the bridal current can change directions in an instant! (and so can their attitudes!)


My advise for you & your relationship with your DJ (for ANY event) is communication and trust. Ask for music lists to highlight your favorite and do you part to put together special CD's and i-pod mixes. That way you are getting exactly what you request. Never be shy in asking to see them on video or even in person (just don't be a REAL wedding crasher!)

I have been "retired" from DJ-ing since I was 8 months pregnant with my son. However, I am happy to DJ weddings & special events during my off season months! Simply drop me a line for availability & pricing :)


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